Tiffany Trent is an author, editor, and former science communicator. She has been called a master worldbuilder and likened to a “dark, sexy Philip Pullman.”  She is the author of dark fantasy (sometimes YA, sometimes not), including the award-winning The Unnaturalists duology (Simon & Schuster/Saga) and the Hallowmere series (Wizards of the Coast/Mirrorstone), which was named a Book of the Teen Age by the New York Public Library. Her stories have appeared in a variety of anthologies including Clockwork Cairo, Corsets and Clockwork, After the Fall, Willful Impropriety, and more. With Stephanie Burgis, she co-edited The Underwater Ballroom Society, which was shortlisted for the Locus Award for Best Anthology in 2019.

Also known for her literary nonfiction and nature writing, she is the winner of the AWP Intro to Journals Award and the Goldfarb Fellowship in Nonfiction to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Her essays have been published in Orion, Mid-American Review, and Appalachian Voices. As a former science communicator, she’s written about everything from genetic engineering to building Mars habitats to modeling epidemic spread of Ebola virus in West Africa. She is a fellow of the Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop and the NASA-funded Launchpad Astronomy Workshop at University of Wyoming-Laramie.

She holds an MA in English, an MFA in Creative Writing (Nonfiction concentration), and an MS in Environmental Studies. She taught Professional and Creative Writing at Virginia Tech and has taught writing workshops in a variety of settings, including at the Centre for Fantastical Studies at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Currently, she teaches in the online MFA program at Southern New Hampshire University.

Tiffany loves travel, especially in Asia, and has lived in China and Japan. She’s an avid Kpop fan, so she hopes Korea is her next destination. She recently relocated from her birthplace in the Blue Ridge Mountains to northern New Mexico, where she enjoys exploring the southern Rockies with her family and rambunctious dogs (who are friendly but always on a leash).