What’s Going On: MystiCon and Book Progress

MystiCon is coming up next weekend, and I shall be there! I fear it is already sold out, but if you already have your badge, I hope to see you. Here is my schedule:

Friday, 2/26 – 9pm, YA Lit Insanity – Trends in YA lit, now and for always.

10pm, Iron Author – Come make me write a short story with elements of your choosing!


Saturday, 2/27 – 11am, Women in Science and Technology – Just what it says on the box. I’ll be moderating.

4pm, Post-Apocalyptic Growing Pains – How do teens truly cope with growing up in a post-apoc world?

7:30pm – Reading

8pm – Signing


Sunday, 2/28  – Beyond Western Europe – Cultures beyond Western Europe to be written about with respect and care!


The Branded & the Bound
Due:3 years ago

I’ve retitled this book The Branded & the Bound. Working title, obviously. I just needed something that felt less generic to me.

Chapter 24: Our heroine has gone and done something rash again. Danger is afoot, as well as the first trial for our dragon-racers. The villains are closing in, but who is the true one? We shall see.


Still a long way to go, as the famous little boy above once noted. 😉

Because I needed to know the backstory of our heroine’s father, which has always been something of a mystery to me, I went off and started a novella about him. (Stop rolling your eyes). My, these are grisly folk. And that is all I’ll say about that.

I am also re-working a short story set in the world of The Unnaturalists in the frontier town of Huxley. The Viscount there seems to have a fondness for pastries. And magical girls. Hm.

I’ve also been invited to several anthologies—the deadlines will soon be rolling in. I’ll look forward to telling you about them soon. Eep and yay!

And I continue to collect info for the post-apoc/space opera when I’m able to get back to it.

Lots knocking around up there right now.

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