Jumping into 2016

I wrote this very soulful post on 2015, all pensive-like. But it was never quite right, and a week into 2016, I’m moving on.

2015 was what it was. A Sheep Year. A working-hard-without-much-to-show-for-it year. A year of good times with friends new and old, a year of fulfilling travel-dreams—seeing San Francisco and Scotland for the first time. A year of backsliding on some things and finally settling in to routines with others. A year of seeing my daughter blossom into the little superhero I knew was in there, a year of working through the adoption process for her baby brother. A year of Letting Go and Clearing Space.

Which means I’m pretty much ready to hit the Fire Monkey when it comes with everything I’ve got.

When I recently had a little art session with my dear friend Tricia Scott, she pushed scissors and magazines into my hands, encouraging me to cut what spoke to me and make art of it. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that this is the result.


And while I was pasting JUMP in the upper left-hand corner, I kid you not—Van Halen’s “Jump” came on the radio.

So, that’s my touchstone word for this year. Get moving. Jump on opportunities. Jump up and down. JUST JUMP.

Still and all, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least tell you about some of the books and other things I loved in 2015:


Oldies but Goodies:

Waking the Moon, Liz Hand

Tender Morsels, Margo Lanagan

The Red Wolf Conspiracy, Robert V.S. Redick

Favorite New(ish) Releases:

The Bone Swans, CSE Cooney

Archivist Wasp, Nicole Kornher-Stace

The Southern Reach trilogy, Jeff Vandermeer

Most Interesting Nonfiction Book:

Scatter, Adapt, Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction, Annalee Newitz

Books I Haven’t Read Yet but Plan to (this list is actually endless):

There is No Lovely End, Patty Templeton

Unseaming, Mike Allen

The Lie Tree, Frances Hardinge

Updraft, Fran Wilde

The Country of Ice Cream Star, Sandra Newman

Secrets of the Dragon Tombs, Patrick Samphire (read this in draft and it was WONDERFUL)

All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders

Book I Couldn’t Stop Reading Over and Over:  

Prophecies, Libels, and Dreams by Ysabeau Wilce

Favorite Movie: 

Mad Max: Fury Road

Most Beloved if Problematic Movie:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Favorite TV series:

Jessica Jones

And luckily, by the graces of the inestimable Jaym Gates, I was able to contribute to a wonderful anthology, AFTER THE FALL:  The Anthology of Transhuman Survival and Horror, set in the world of the Eclipse Phase RPG and out from PostHuman Studios in epub and soon to be out in print. Fabulous to share a Table of Contents with so many people I admire and to jump around in such a rich post-apocalyptic bouncy castle of horrors! 😉

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